Surface energy balance based global land evapotranspiration (EB-ET)

Daily and Monthly evapotranspiration (5km x 5km spatial resolution) for global land area was derived from satellite data and a surface energy balance method (EB). The global 5 km daily and monthly ET dataset is produced with the revised SEBS algorithm in Chen et al. 2019 JGR and Chen et al. 2013 (JAMC). MODIS LST, NDVI, Global forest height, GlobAlbedo, GLASS LAI have been used in this ET calculation. The ET dataset will be updated to near-present with the availability of input dataset. The global 5 km sensible heat flux, net radiation, latent heat flux will be open with the email contact with Dr. Xuelong Chen. 

Data time: 2000-03-01 To 2017-06-30     Person in charge: Xuelong Chen  

China Meteorological Forcing Data

China regional surface meteorological elements drive datasets includes seven elements: the near-surface temperature, near-surface pressure, near-surface air specific humidity,near-ground wind, ground-downward shortwave radiation, the ground-downward longwave radiation, ground precipitation rate. Data  format: for the time resolution of 3 hours, the horizontal spatial resolution of the data of 0.1. Used for providing China's land surface process simulation data, and high-resolution near-surface reanalysis data.

Data time: 1979-01-01 To 2018-12-31     Person in charge: Yang Kun  

Lake level observation in the Tibetan Plateau

Lake level observation in the Tibetan Plateau includes lake level of Zhari Namco, Bam Co,Dawa Co,Dazeg Co and Peng Co.

Data time: 2010-04-01 To 2017-10-18     Person in charge: Yanbin Lei  

Terrestrial evapotranspiration dataset across China

This terrestrial evapotranspiration dataset is derived from the complementary-relationship method, with inputs of CMFD downward short- and long-wave radiation, air temperature, humidity, air pressure, GLASS albedo and broadband longwave emissivity, MODIS LST, and NCEP diffuse skylight ratio. This dataset covers the period of 1982-2015 with spatial and temporal resolutions of 0.1-degree and monthly, respectively.  This dataset would be helpful for long-term hydrological cycle and climate change research.

Data time: 1982-01-01 To 2015-12-31     Person in charge: Ning Ma  

Muztagh Ata station soil temperature and humidity data set(2013-2016)

The data set contains Daily value of soil temperature and humidity in different depth of Muztagh Ata Station for Westerly Environment Observation and Research from 2013.01.01 to 2016.12.31.

Data time: 2013-01-01 To 2016-12-31     Person in charge: Xu Baiqing  
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