Shergyla Mountain meteorological data(2005-2016)

The dataset records the meteorological data at the eastern slope of Shergyla Mountain from 2005 to 2016, and North-facing slope from 2005 to 2012。Including daily average data of temperature, relative humidity, precipitation.

Southeastern Tibet, Shergyla Mountain, ecological station, sunny slope, Meteorological data
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Data content: Shergyla Mountain meteorological data, Record the surface near Linzhi(1.2-1.5m) conventional meteorological observation.

Data range:2005-2016

Data Site:

   Data collected near the eastern slope timberline of Shergyla Mountain. Latitude:9°39’25.2"N; Longitude:94°42’25.62"E; Altitude:4390m.

   Data collected near the north-facing slope of Shergyla Mountain. Latitude:29°35’50.9"N; Longitude:94°36’42.7"E; Altitude:4390m.

Subject: Atmospheric, Ecology

North-facing slope data:

Wind speed,Unit m/s

Temperature,Unit ℃

Relative Humidity,Unit %

Atmospheric pressure,Unit hPa

Global radiation,Unit w/m2

Soil heat flux,Unit w/m2

Soil temperature,Unit ℃

Soil moisture,Unit %

Precipitation,Unit mm

Thickness of snow, Unit cm


Ecology station data:

Temperature,Unit ℃

Relative Humidity,Unit %

Atmospheric pressure,Unit hPa

Wind speed,Unit m/s

Precipitation,Unit mm

Snow Depth,Unit cm

Radiation,Unit w/m2

Soil moisture content,Unit %

Soil heat flux,Unit w/m2

Observation instrument

Collector: Campbell Co  CR1000

collection time interval:30min

Digital automatic data collection, Daily average value of artificial calculation.

Observing and data collecting strictly according to the standard of the instrument operation and has been published in the relevant academic journals. Some data with obvious errors were removed, and space was used to instead of missing data. 

Published some related academic articles, and had a better understanding of the climate in the valleys of Southeastern Tibet.

Data Source:Southeast Tibet Observation and Research Station for the Alpine Environment

Contact with Dr. Luo lun

Email:  Tel:0894-5909080

Use Labeling:Third Pole Environment Database(


DOI: 10.11888/AtmosphericPhysics.tpe.249395.db
North-facing slope data     Ecology station data