Observational dataset of water level and water temperature at Ranwu Lake, Southeastern Tibet (2009-2016)

The dataset records the daily data of water temperature and water level at Rangwu Lake, Baxoi County, Tibet, from 2009-05-15 to 2016-12-30.

Tibetan Plateau, Southeastern Tibet, Ranwu Lake, Water Level, Water Temperature
:Wang Yongjie :Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 P.R. China
:wyj@itpcas.ac.cn :0894-5909080

Data content including:
Water level and water temperature of the Middle lake in Ranwu Lake;
Water level and water temperature of the Lower lake in Ranwu Lake
Time range of the data: Data collected during 2009-2016
Data collected in Ranwu Lake, southeast Tibet
  Outlet of middle lake:Longitude:96°46'16";Latitude:29°29'28";Altitude:3928m.
  Outlet of lower lake:Longitude:96°38'52";Latitude:29°28'52";Altitude:3923m.
  Outlet of Laigushang lake:Longitude:94°49'49";Latitude:29°18'07";Altitude:4025m. 

This table have three fields
field1:Station number
Data type:character(50)
data type:date
Data type:double-precision floating-point type ,Unit: ℃
field4:water level
Data type:double-precision floating-point type,Unit:cm 

observation instrument:HOBO water level gauge U20-001-01
collection time interval:30 min

Digital automatic data collection

Some data with obvious errors were removed, and space was used to instead of missing data.

The dataset can be applied in Lake ecosystem, hydrology study

Data Source: National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) project "Tibetan Plateau environmental change and its effect on global changes and adaptation measures"
Contact with Dr. Wang Yongjie, Email:wyj@itpcas.ac.cn  Tel:0894-5909080

Observational dataset of water level and water temperature at Ranwu Lake, Southeast Tibet